Twenty-two years have passed since Victoria escaped Colombia, when she revisits traumatic memories of the violence in her past and thinks how a journey of healing shapes her present life in London. Her resilience becomes an inspiration for many exiled women, who together want their stories to be recognised. VICTORIA is a love letter to Colombia, a portrait full of nostalgia of home and the paradox of the broken dreams of a nation.
DIRECTOR AND CINEMATOGRAPHER Juan Pablo Daza P. PRODUCER Maria de los Ángeles Reyes
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Emma Davie / Noé Mendelle / Amy Hardie
ANIMATOR Federico Reyes Mesa ORIGINAL MONOLOGUE Victoria Bastidas with Alejandra Borrero
EDITING Juan Pablo Daza P. / Maria de los Ángeles Reyes MUSIC COMPOSER Victoria Wijeratne
ADDITIONAL SOUND Maria de los Ángeles Reyes Mesa / Peter Pin COLOUR GRADING Tom Hammill 
KEY ADVISORS Julian Schwanitz / Eiko Emersleben / Ling Lee / Jamie Chambers /Ali Murray
An Edinburgh College of Art and Kingfisher Docs production
Made with support from SPUTNIK / Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia