Juan Pablo Daza is a Colombian documentary filmmaker, journalist and photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland, focusing on telling visual stories on social issues. Juan Pablo has directed two short documentaries (VICTORIA - 2019, Coexist - 2016) and participated as a cinematographer and editor in a number of projects. He is currently developing his feature documentary debut. 
Juan Pablo has experience in visual journalism as videographer and photographer covering issues such as the internal armed conflict in Colombia, human rights, environment and conservation, and a wide work in the field producing and reporting with rural communities. Worked as a filmmaker for the Virtual Museum of the National Centre for Historical Memory (CNMH). Has worked for Semana magazine in Colombia with the project Rutas del Conflicto/VerdadAbierta.com and different projects with NGOs such as Fondo Acción, WWF and Conservation International in environmental issues.
- Master of Fine Arts in Film Directing from The University of Edinburgh (2018 - July 2020), UK. 
Awarded masters’ degree with Distinction. Awarded a Scholarship by Colfuturo + Proimágenes Colombia.
Ministry of Culture of Colombia grant recipient, 2019.
- BSc in Journalism and Public Opinion from Universidad del Rosario (2011-2016), Bogotá, Colombia. 
50% scholarship for the whole length of the degree. Awarded Distinction for meritorious Thesis.
- VICTORIA (2019). Documentary. Director and Editor. Exec. Producer Noe Mendelle and Emma Davie. Selected for the media library at Visions Du Reel 2020.
- COEXIST (2016). Documentary. Director and Editor. WINNER of  Best National Short Documentary Film at the Bogota International Human Rights Film Festival in 2017.
- LONG LIVE LIVI (2020). Documentary for BBC Scotland. 2nd Camera. Directed by Ling Lee and Parisa Urquhart. Produced by Scottish Documentary Institute.
- Videography and Production coordinator - Central Church Edinburgh (2020).
- Photographer/Videographer - Edinburgh University Students' Association, (2019-2020).
- Film Producer for the Virtual Museum of Historical Memory of Colombia, CNMH (2017-2018).
- Videographer for the Communications Area, Fondo Acción (2016-2017).
- Investigative journalist and videographer, Rutas del Conflicto/Semana/VerdadAbierta.com (2013, 2015).
- Spanish (Native speaker)
- English (C1 - TOEFL)
- Portuguese (B2 - Celpe Bras)
- French (A2)
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