Juan Pablo Daza is a Colombian documentary filmmaker, journalist and photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland, focusing on telling visual stories on social issues. Juan Pablo has directed two short documentaries (VICTORIA - 2019, Coexist - 2016) and participated as a cinematographer, producer and editor in several projects. He is currently developing his feature documentary debut. Co-founder and Creative Director of the Scottish-based production studio, Kingfisher Docs.
Juan Pablo has experience in visual journalism covering issues such as the internal armed conflict in Colombia, Human Rights, Climate Change and Conservation, and a wider work in field producing with rural communities. Worked as a filmmaker for the Museum of the National Centre for Historical Memory (CNMH). Has worked for Semana magazine in Colombia with the project Rutas del Conflicto/VerdadAbierta.com and different projects with NGOs such as Fondo Acción, WWF and Conservation International in environmental issues.
- ISA'S INDEPENDENCE (2021). Upcoming BBC Scotland Documentary. Assistant Editor. Directed by Inma de Reyes and Nelisa Alcalde. Produced by Scottish Documentary Institute.
- LONG LIVE LIVI (2020). Documentary for BBC Scotland. 2nd Camera. Directed by Ling Lee and Parisa Urquhart. Produced by Scottish Documentary Institute.
- VICTORIA (2019). Documentary. Director and Editor. Exec. Producer Noe Mendelle and Emma Davie. World Premiere at BOGOSHORTS Film Festival, 2020.
- COEXISTIR (2016). Documentary. Director and Editor. WINNER of  Best National Short Documentary Film at the Bogota International Human Rights Film Festival in 2017.
- Creative Director and Co-founder. Kingfisher Docs (2020 - ). 
- Videography and Production coordinator. Central Church Edinburgh (2020 - ).
- Photographer/Videographer. Edinburgh University Students' Association, (2019- ).
- Film Producer. Museum of Historical Memory of Colombia, CNMH (2017-2018).
- Videographer. Communications Area, NGO Fondo Acción (2016-2017).
- Investigative journalist and videographer. Rutas del Conflicto/Semana/VerdadAbierta.com (2013, 2015).
- MFA in Film Directing from The University of Edinburgh (2018 - July 2020), UK. 
Awarded masters’ degree with Distinction. Awarded a Scholarship by Colfuturo + Proimágenes Colombia.
Ministry of Culture of Colombia grant recipient, 2019.
- BSc in Journalism and Public Opinion from Universidad del Rosario (2011-2016), Bogotá, Colombia. 
50% scholarship for the whole length of the degree. Awarded Distinction for meritorious Thesis.
- Spanish (Native speaker)
- English (C1 - TOEFL)
- Portuguese (B2 - Celpe Bras)
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